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Finding the grace to heal generational wounds at a personal level
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Counseling for Men:

  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Addicdtion

  • Relational Reconciliation
  • Racial Reconciliation

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Disclosure Statement (PDS) (fees included)

Education and experience

Specialty Groups:
Workshop for Agencies:
Dual Diagnosis Generational Trauma Treatment Group
Multigenerational Trauma/Recovery Groups for Men

Workshop for men:
Faith-based Relationship Building Workshop:
Relational Reconciliation,
healing relationships in
a faith-based workshop for men

Workshop for churches:
Faith-based Community Action Workshop:
Reconciliation and Social Justice Community Action,
healing relationships in
the community
Overview of RPG
the program outline

A Path to Reconciliation
six healing principles

Social Trauma
and the trauma response

Measures of Societal Trauma:
indicators and markers

Transmission of HTR:
in my family

the biological erosion of choice

Body Soul Spirit
a view of how we are made

Christian Counseling
a working definition
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EMDR general information

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--Cultural and Historical Trauma--
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Lance Echo-Hawk, MA

Mailing Address:
6517 NE 63rd Street, #469
Vancouver WA 98661


Websites: (this site) (reconciliation site)

Balanced Christian Counseling for men:
means spiritually based counseling rooted in biblical principles that apply to life's challenges holistically, as depicted in the EchoHawk Counseling logo. Each direction (North, South, East, West) in the logo highlights an important human dimension. The four colors represent all the people groups of the earth, pointing to the fact that we have these dimensions in common by the design of the Creator. The cross at the center symbolizes the central nature of a personal relationship with Jesus, son of Atius the Father.

We are spiritual beings and seek meaning and purpose. We seek union with something larger than ourselves.

We are beings with a soul that needs healthy spiritual, mental, and emotional expression.

We are physical beings and must attend to our basic health to be in balance.

We are all interconnected to our world. All our relationships are important to our wellbeing.

These four key areas, when treated together, lead to restoring a life to balance.

Lance Echo-Hawk is

A 1996 graduate of Denver Seminary with a Masters in Counseling with a focus in Community Mental Health, Mr. Echo-Hawk has years of experience working in the field of counseling.

Mr. Echo-Hawk has worked with people living with mental health issues and with addictions. He has experience in outpatient clinics as well as inpatient treatment settings.

At present Mr. Echo-Hawk is retired but is available for cultural and historical trauma trainings/presentations. For more information see the above mentioned reconciliation website: (

Positive Outcomes -- suggested goals for personal growth and change:

  • A strengthened spiritual foundation
  • Growth in learning to forgive and be forgiven
  • Progress in character growth
  • Increased growth in recovery and recovery skills
  • Increased healing of emotional wounds
  • Improved assertiveness skills
  • Better relationship skills
  • Healthy new ways to set and maintain boundaries
  • Increased focus in life
  • More emotional peace and freedom

Grace and peace in Jesus' Name

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